Bellevue has evolved into a major employment center in the region. We have more workers in Bellevue than we have residents. This economic growth relies on smart planning policies, predictable regulations, infrastructure that makes Bellevue livable and fair taxes to bring in employers and new jobs. Having the policies in place to strengthen Bellevue's role as an economic leader while retaining and enhancing Bellevue's prosperity is one of Jennifer's top priorities and a major key to keeping Bellevue an integral part of the Puget Sound's world class economy.

Maintaining Responsible Fiscal Policy

Our low tax rates, low debt, and excellent services are some of the many reasons that both people and businesses move into Bellevue and stay. During Jennifer’s tenure, the Council has been very restrained in raising new revenue. During her time on Council, the Council consistently took no property tax increase or took less than authorized by law and it maintains health reserves to ensure that we can provide great services even during "rainy days". Bellevue is a great value – it has debt far below the levels allowed by law and is considered a "great investment" earning the coveted AAA-Bond rating.

Promoting Smart, Economic Growth

By planning for growth and providing incentives for that growth, Bellevue will give employers the desire to locate here and to grow as Bellevue grows. The City recently adopted a Council Vision for the future and an Economic Development Plan to provide the road map on how to grow the City in a positive and successful manner. The planning that has occurred and will continue to evolve for Downtown, Bel-Red and Eastgate/I-90 will create such growth. Jennifer will continue to evaluate and polish our policies and plans to encourage the right growth for Bellevue.

Keeping Bellevue a GREAT Place to do Business

By keeping our taxes low, promoting smart economic growth and working to solve transportation challenges, Jennifer is working to keep Bellevue a great place to do business. This in turn will bring in jobs and the tax revenue we need to keep Bellevue as wonderful for our children and grandchildren as it is today.


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